Tata Coffee Grand


In November 2015, Tata Global Beverages announced its entry into the branded instant coffee business in India under the brand name Tata Coffee Grand. After leading the Indian tea market under its iconic Tata Tea brand, the company took the strategic step to leverage its product, marketing and retail expertise to enter the branded coffee space in India.

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Tata Coffee Grand leverages the deep heritage of Tata in coffee from ‘Source to Sip.’ Sourced primarily from Tata Coffee’s own plantations in South India, these coffees are roasted and processed to perfection, making the product an intensely rich, fresh and aromatic coffee. The product is an innovative blend of the finest coffee powder & decoction crystals which gives consumers a ‘best in class’ taste experience in the instant coffee category.

Our extensive market research revealed that consumers are seeking change in their coffee when it comes to taste, colour, aroma and richness. With Tata Coffee Grand, we aim at filling that gap by delivering a superior and differentiated coffee drinking experience.

After achieving a successful base in Instant coffee, TATA Coffee Grand has now expanded its portfolio to the filter coffee category.


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