Tata Tea



In today’s busy and on demand lifestyle, consumers are looking for health & wellness products that help them along their health journey. With this in mind, the tea experts at Tata Tea set out on a journey to create a tea blend that gives the consumer the goodness of all-natural ayurvedic ingredients with the real taste of their favorite tea.

Introducing Tata Tea Teaveda, a tea blend using carefully selected Assam teas with the goodness of Tulsi, Ginger, Brahmi & Cardamom crafted specially for the consumer who loves the real taste of tea.

Within the health & wellness category, consumers are demanding products with natural & herbal ingredients but aren’t willing to compromise on taste. Tata Tea Teaveda is uniquely positioned to cater to this consumer expectation and gives Tata Global Beverages a strong platform in a fast-growing segment.

Currently available as loose leaf tea in 250 gm and 100 gm packs.

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