Tetley, the well-known household brand, was launched in Australia in 1963. While Tetley has been known as a black tea that is enjoyed when consumers want a break from the busyness of their daily lives, the brand now offers consumers a wide range of teas to choose from — fruit- and herbal-flavoured Infusions, Chai Latte and a range of green teas — including 100% Steamed Green Teas.

Tetley consistently works to give its customers in Australia teas that are unique. In the Australian market, green teas were either roasted, or a blend of roasted and steamed. No brand was leveraging the intrinsic health benefit of ‘steamed’. To address the health trend and overcome the key barrier of taste to new users entering the green tea segment, Tetley launched the first 100% Steamed Green Tea range. The green tea is packaged in a pyramid bag in a unique and premium pack shape to reinforce product benefits. Tetley’s 100% Steamed Green Tea was voted as the “Tea Product of the Year” by Australian consumers in 2014.

Tetley Infusions is a unique twist of fruit and herbal flavoured fun. Rather than just giving consumers the standard fruit or herbal flavours, such as camomile or peppermint, Tetley’s range twists these traditional flavours with interesting accents, like peppermint with lemongrass, and camomile with lemon. To ensure that consumers get to enjoy all the delicious taste and aroma, the fruits, herbs and flavours are packed in a pyramid infuser bag, giving the infusion enough room to swirl and brew. What’s more...the infusions are naturally caffeine-free.

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