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"Tetley was launched in Yorkshire, UK more than 180 years ago, when brothers Joseph and Edward Tetley started a business."

The brand began its journey from the UK and since then has experienced immense growth and success across the globe.

Tetley is a well-established brand in Europe, too. It began its distribution across Switzerland in the 1970s, in France in 1974, in Spain in the 1990s, and in Poland and Portugal in 1993.


Tetley first introduced the teabag to the UK market, which revolutionised how the British drank tea — replacing the old-fashioned teapot with a more convenient method of brewing tea in the cup. Tetley became the first teabag manufacturer to change the shape of the UK market (literally!) with the launch of its iconic round teabag — a teabag shaped for the mug. Tetley continued to bring innovative ideas to Britain with the drawstring 'no drip, no mess' teabag and a continually expanding range of variants.

The core range today includes: Tetley Original — a delicious, expertly-blended black tea; Tetley Decaf — that has the great taste of Tetley Original with none of the caffeine*; Tetley Redbush — sourced from the Cedarberg region of South Africa; specialty Earl Grey Tea; and the Herbal Infusion range of Peppermint and Camomile teas.

Tetley also offers an incredible line-up of green teas, sourced from plantations around the world to create great quality green tea blends. The range includes Pure, Decaf, and a variety of flavours, such as the award-winning exotic combination of mango and passion fruit.

Tetley lead the way with innovation in the functional health category, with the Tetley Super Teas, a range of teas with added vitamins. Starting with Super Green Tea, followed by Super Fruits. Now with 10 benefits across the range, including: Boost which is perfect for a tough afternoon as it contains vitamin B6 to help reduce tiredness and fatigue; Immune with added vitamin C to help support the immune system; Heart with added vitamin B1 to help support a healthy heart; Detox with added Selenium to help protect cells from oxidative stress; Beauty with added vitamin B7 contributes towards the maintenance of normal hair and skin; Mind with added Zinc, used to help maintain cognitive function; Super Matcha, with real ground matcha; Support with vitamin D to maintain healthy bones and teeth; and more recently introducing Digestion with added Zinc and vitamin D to support healthy digestion; and Multi-vits, helping to maintain health and vitality.

In 2017, Tetley also launched cross-category for the first time in its 180-year history with Super Squash – cleverly blended real fruit juice and Vitamins D, B6 & C in a squash format – just add water. All that, and with no added sugar, it's Seriously Super Squash!

In 2018, we took a fresh look at the Tea category, launching our first range of cold brew tea bags – Tetley Cold Infusions, specially designed to be infused in cold water – all with no caffeine, sugar or artificial flavours – tapping into the health movement, and giving consumers a refreshing twist to water!

*Decaffeinated to 0.2%

For more information, visit www.tetley.co.uk

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Tetley was introduced in Poland in 1993. It revolutionised the Polish market with the launch of the first round teabag. The brand's key competencies are its high quality blends of Black and Earl Grey teas and it also offers products under different lines to cover the premium and mainstream market segments.

Tetley’s flagship product in Poland is Tetley Intensive, a premium offering of high quality black teas, characterised by an exceptionally deep, intensive taste and aroma. For price-sensitive consumers, Tetley offers round tea bags in the Classic range.

The most recent novelty is Golden, a high quality black tea characterised by a lighter, velvety taste, beautiful aroma and an amber colour of brew for consumers who prefer lighter tea blends. In 2018, the Golden range was extended with a unique product – Golden Earl Grey, which combines delicate black tea with bergamot flavor to yield a velvety, refreshing brew.

For consumers who focus on a healthy lifestyle, Tetley introduced Tetley Super Teas – a unique range of functional teas which support various health benefits through a carefully selected composition with added vitamins and minerals. Tetley Super Teas is available in five variants - Boost, Immune, Mind, Detox and Heart.

For more information, visit www.tetley.pl

Western Europe

In addition to the wide range of traditional Tetley black and green teas sold across Continental Europe, many of Tetley's best innovations in our Western Europe markets include: Tetley Cold Infusions - available in Portugal, a range of fruit and herbal infusions that infuse perfectly in cold water to give a light, fruity refreshment, and contains no sugar or artificial sweeteners; Mood Infusions - available in Portugal, these are natural, caffeine-free fruit and herbal teas; a ready-to-drink Tetley Ice Tea available across the HoReCa market in Portugal; Collection Delicate - a range of non-bitter steamed green teas in France and Portugal which offer consumers a smoother, more refreshing experience.

For those seeking health & wellness, a range of Tetley Super Teas is available in Portugal and France while Tetley Signature is a stylish range of premium sourced long leaf teas that capture the flair and flavour of the best tea boutiques - a range that is a tribute to Tetley’s tea blending expertise.

In 2018-19 two new Matcha products will be widely available through Supermarkets in France and Portugal. These variants build on the recent success of Tetley Matcha Super Teas in other markets.

For more information, visit
www.tetley.fr (for Tetley France)
www.tetley.pt (for Tetley Portugal)
www.tetley.ch (for Tetley Switzerland)
www.tetley.es (for Tetley Spain)

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