Vitax is one of the most well-established and well-recognised fruit and herbal tea brands in Poland. Vitax began its journey 28 years ago with fruit infusions and has, over the years, developed a variety of teas in the fruit, green, red, herbal and functional teas’ categories. Polish consumers consider Vitax as the best fruit tea brand in the market, in terms of intensity, fragrance, colour and aroma. The brand joined the Tata Global Beverages family in 2007. It is currently building a market share in the green tea segment and strengthening its position in the fruit tea category.

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Through its unique fruit-flavoured blends, Vitax delivers a refreshing taste that is loaded with the goodness of natural ingredients. Amongst a wide array of variants, some of the most innovative products by Vitax include Inspirations — a diverse fruit- and herbal-flavoured premium line of intense taste and aroma; Spicy Fruit — teas with unique compositions of fruits and spicy seasonings that are perfect for the long winter and fall evenings; and Cold Brew — unique teas that can be infused in cold water, making them a refreshing choice for the summer season. In addition to its tea competence, Vitax has also created fruit-flavoured syrups.

Its innovative product line and variety of choice make Vitax a favourite in Poland.


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