A workplace that fosters growth

Here are the core values, we at Tata Global Beverages live by::

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Hear it from our employees

Passionate about making a difference!

Nupur Roy Choudhury, Tata Global Beverages Limited

Who wouldnt want to work with the best Tea Buying & Blending team in the world!

Katy Tubb, Tata Global Beverages Limited

A uniquely supportive office

Amy Holdsworth, Tata Global Beverages Limited

My Role offers me a unique opportunity to expand beyond Financial reporting

Josie Culbert, Tata Global Beverages

It's like we own the company

Irina Cherepakhina, Tata Global Beverages

I cherish each day here

Anna Kowalska, Tata Global Beverages

Do you have what it takes?

There are a few key attributes we look for in our employees. These are, namely:

  • Passion to achieve
  • Ethics and integrity
  • People orientation

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A career, not a job

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