Why work with us

A fresh cup of hot tea or coffee (as you like it!) and a smile is what we assure you each morning at Tata Global Beverages. We, at Tata Global Beverages, have mastered the art of blending the perfect dose of work and fun to conjure a playfully professional environment. We experiment innovate, and collaborate as a team to deliver the best to our consumers. The environment excites and inspires us to come to work each morning.

Our employees infuse the workplace with dynamism — they are curious, ambitious and passionate. We welcome diversity and innovation. We promise honest feedback and a fair playing field.

Our directional themes are instilled in our day-to-day functioning. Know more about our company culture.


Our ambassadors of culture

Every year, we recognise a few Culture Champions, who form a diverse vibrant team that works collectively to revitalise our culture, as described by our Directional Themes. This team cuts across the traditional hierarchy and organisation structure. While Culture Champions spark change, our senior leaders support them in their initiatives. There are no limits and no boundaries — their roles are simply to inspire and lead cultural innovation within our Company. A few examples of their successes include:

Consumer Connect

Consumer connect:

A programme driven to help everyone in the business build their consumer understanding and ensure a continued focus on our end consumer. The UK Sales and Marketing team first completed the programme and found it both interesting and rewarding. It was then rolled out within our South Asia region and to our Operations and Finance teams.

Comfort dressing

Comfort dressing at the Bengaluru office:

was introduced with a guideline about dressing in a smart yet comfortable and casual way. The goal is to feel comfortable at work, while living the attitude of a dynamic organisation.

Volunteering initiative

Volunteering initiative:

A UK employee-volunteering event was conducted. The project was set in the local community to demonstrate our respect for people and the planet. Our team built a greenhouse at a local school using 1,500 plastic bottles as a sustainability project to 'grow their own'. The volunteers spoke to children about tea and got them slurp and spit tea, learning about Tata Global Beverages Limited in a playfully professional way!

Diversity: An integral part of our culture!

We embrace variety and differences. We thrive in the presence of diverse perspectives and ideas. We believe that every flavour comes together in and creates a unique blend, and we value that. Tata Global Beverages Limited cherishes its diverse and inclusive work culture.

  • Passionate about making a difference!

    Nupur Roy Choudhury, Strategy & Planning Director, Corporate Headquarters, Mumbai, Maharashtra

  • Who wouldn't want to work with the best Tea Buying & Blending team in the world!

    Katy Tubb, Director, Blending and Buying, Greenford Office, London, UK

  • A uniquely supportive office.

    Amy Holdsworth, Marketing Director –UK, Greenford Office, London, UK

  • My Role offers me a unique opportunity to expand beyond Financial reporting.

    Josie Culbert, VP Finance, Supply & Support - C & A, Business Finance, Toronto office, Canada