Innovation in Communication and Route to Market

Tetley Farmers First Hand

Tetley Farmers First Hand (FFH) is an innovative social media initiative using Facebook, where consumers can talk directly with the people who grow, harvest and produce their favourite cuppa. Today FFH covers plantations in Africa (Lujeri and Clanwilliam) and some plantations in South India.
The idea was to break down walls through conversation and it does just that. By using Facebook and mobile phone technology, FFH has enabled Tetley to differentiate itself from other products in a way that is both relevant and value-adding for the brand and its consumers.
It provides valuable insights into tea production and certification, to consumers who are increasingly mindful and seeking ethically sourced products.
With close to 200,000 consumers connected on a single platform, this digital campaign has taken a life of its own and become more than a page. It is now a platform to catch up on life.
This novel idea, besides being a favourite with fans and Tetley consumers, has also brought many laurels home. It has been awarded a Silver award in the Sustainability Communications category for the Guardian Sustainable Business Awards and the Ethical Corporation Awards.
By facilitating conversation and connection between farmers and consumers, FFH’s social networking site is touching lives by removing social and geographical barriers.

Tata Tea Jaago Re

Tata Tea’s award winning Jaago Re campaigns has, over the years, become synonymous with ‘Awakening’ individuals and inspiring them to be the change they wish to see around them by addressing serious issues like voting, corruption and positivity. Making its debut in 2007, the campaign began with a television commercial which showed a young man enquiring about the credentials and credibility of a local politician campaigning for votes before offering him a cup of tea. Striking a chord with the youth, the campaign launched a series of advertisements over the last four years that wove in the themes of awakening, enlightening and civic consciousness.
During 2013-14, the focus has been on gender bias against women through the launch of our ‘Bade Badlaav Ki Liye Choti Shuruaat’ campaign. A TV ad film was launched on Women’s Day in 2012 featuring Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan. The advertisement appeals to each one to do their “Choti Shuruaat” - small yet powerful acts inspired by simply changing one’s mindset. Further to take the thought forward, a new campaign, ‘Power of 49’ was launched aiming to encourage women to exercise their right to vote at the next general elections.

The ‘Power of 49’ campaign was one of India’s largest women-centric awareness campaigns in recent times with intent to reach out to 100 million women. Power of 49, a Jaago Re initiative for women, was launched in August 2013 with an objective to awaken women, who form 49% of India’s voter base, inspiring them to cast an informed and independent vote and exercise the power they have to make or break a government in the forthcoming election. The campaign was conceptualized from the insight that women constitute 49% of the voter base in India but often do not get their due as they are not seen as a determining factor in elections.

Gaon Chalo

Close to 70% of India's population lives in its villages. This large rural market presents great opportunity for growth. The challenge is to adopt a sustainable yet cost effective model to leverage rural India's potential.
Gaon Chalo has three levels of Channel Partners: Rural Distributors, Mobile Rural Distributors and Rural Dealers. We are increasing our efforts to build stronger ties with Self Help Groups (SHGs) for deeper penetration and the possibility of impacting the lives of a larger number of people.
Our efforts have in small yet significant ways transformed the lives of many. Besides enabling social change, the Gaon Chalo model has several business advantages which include limited fluctuations in sales due to direct access to the rural retailers, creating a cost effective brand building platform and the flexibility to address the complexities of local markets.
Today, Gaon Chalo is present in 18 states with direct reach in 70,000 villages. The sales are growing rapidly year-on-year. It enables a strong platform for generating rural employment for rural youth, women, the underprivileged, the differently-abled and SHGs.

Eight O'Clock Coffee Celebrates the 20th Anniversary of 'Friends', the TV Series

TGB's Eight O'Clock Coffee brand was faced with a challenge in the highly competitive US coffee category – to appeal to a new set of consumers. The new consumers, we found, identified with popular TV sitcoms such as Friends. Friends, the Emmy®-winning comedy was celebrating their 20th anniversary in 2014. Eight O' Clock coffee in partnership with Warner Brothers created a replica of Central Perk, the coffeehouse where the gang on the long-running hit show caught up and shared the quirky woes of their 20-something lives over a coffee. The fully functioning pop-up Central Perk coffee bar was located at 199 Lafayette Street in Manhattan's SoHo neighborhood and provided a variety of unique experiences — including complimentary coffee and Friends-themed fun — for fans and coffee lovers alike.
The results were astounding: 1.6 billion media impressions and sales grew by 18%. Also, this campaign was recognized by the industry and Eight O' Clock coffee was awarded the prestigious Reggie awards for 'Best Marketing Partnership' (Gold) and 'Best Sponsorship and Licensed Property' (Bronze).