Around 250 million servings of our beverages are consumed every day, bringing many magical beverage moments to consumers across the world. Creating innovative products that delight our consumers is our passion.

Since the 1960s, the Tetley brand has continued to develop one’s love for sipping tea, by introducing exciting new innovative ideas. In 1989, we re-defined the market by launching the round teabag, by capitalising on the trend to drink tea in a mug, rather than a cup. Next came the drawstring ‘no drip, no mess’ teabag. More information can be found at Tata Tea was the pioneering brand to offer garden fresh tea in a polypack format in 1985, re-imagining the packet tea market by improving freshness and quality. Over the last 25 years, Tata Tea has evolved from being a brand that promised freshness of the tea gardens, to a brand that awakens every Indian through its landmark Jaago Re platform.

tetley blend both

Tetley Blend of Both

According to research, while a number of consumers wanted the benefits of green tea, they preferred the taste of black tea. This made them stick with their standard cup of black tea, which most consumers in the UK drink with milk.

Based upon this insight, Tetley developed Blend of Both for the UK market. This combination of green and black tea tastes like a standard cup of black tea, but is packed with the goodness of green tea. Tetley Blend of Both tastes great with milk as well.


Tetley Chai Latte

It was observed that consumers were seeking pre-portioned, indulgent, yet guilt-free treats. Within the hot beverages segment, coffee sachets met this need. But there was nothing in the tea segment.

Tetley saw an opportunity in this area and decided to give consumers a tea-based treat that was indulgent, yet healthy.

Chai Latte is a tea-based drink in Australia, with a frothy, creamy, indulgent taste. It is 99% fat free and packed in convenient single-serve sachets. A key differentiator is the use of real spices, such as cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and ginger, while our competitors use flavourings.

Tata Water Plus

Tata Water Plus

Tata Water Plus, India’s first nutrient water, was launched by NourishCo — a joint venture between Tata Global Beverages Limited and PepsiCo. Though Tata Water Plus looks and tastes like normal water, it comes with the added goodness of 2 essential nutrients — copper and zinc — that can be easily absorbed by the body. Copper and zinc are known to help support body functions and help strengthen the immune system, respectively.

The brown label is clutter-breaking in the water category and builds on the consumer insight that Indians traditionally used copper vessels to store water, thanks to its health benefits.

tata gluco plus

Tata Gluco Plus

Tata Gluco Plus is an on-the-go re-hydration solution, which combines great taste with energy. It comes from the house of NourishCo — a joint venture between Tata Global Beverages Limited and PepsiCo. The product is targeted at the mass consumer segment in India. The challenge was to deliver a quality product that tastes good, has functional benefits, and is available at an affordable price. The breakthrough was the packaging format in the form of a 200 ml plastic cup that ensured product quality at a low price point, without compromising on the taste or aroma.

This glucose-based drink offers the benefit of glucose energy, electrolytes and iron to provide instant energy to consumers. Tata Gluco Plus is available in the variants of Lemon, Orange, Mango, Grape and Apple Cinnamon.

Tata Tea Gold

Tata Tea Gold

The practice of mixing CTC (Crush, Tear, and Curl) granules with long leaves was prevalent amongst discerning tea consumers. However, there was no packaged player addressing this segment in India.

Tata Tea tapped into this rich insight and created Tata Tea Gold. This product delivered on the optimum balance between strength and aroma, by adding a 15% longer leaf component to its base blend.

The brand promises the benefit of superior aroma arising out of the unique brand differentiator of 15% longer leaves.

tetley green tea plus

Tetley Green Tea Plus

Consumers were seeking a green tea that contained more functional ingredients. Tetley Green Tea Plus combines green tea with herbs and other ingredients that are known to address specific popular health concerns, namely obesity — the ‘Figure’ variant, mental alertness — the ‘Aware’ variant, and aging — the ‘Glow’ variant.

'Figure' contains cinnamon and matcha and has zero calories. 'Aware' contains ginseng, guarana and matcha, and ‘Glow’ contains aloe vera, hibiscus and green tea extract.

Tetley in Canada is the only mainstream brand that has blended its green tea with different herbs.

good earth

Good Earth

Good Earth Tea invites consumers to surprise their senses and experience tea like never before, with teas that are strong and exciting. Re-launched in the US in 2013, with a breakthrough package design, Good Earth now offers 14 all-natural tea fusions that span across the gamut of tea varietals, herbs, botanicals and flavours that have been carefully chosen and masterfully blended together for a one-of-a-kind taste. Under the mantra of Tea Untamed™, and fusions, such as Sweet & Spicy®, Wild Chaild™, Mango Me Crazy™, and Organic Tropical Rush™, Good Earth takes consumers on a wonderful adventure with endless possibilities to explore.


Eight O’Clock Coffee

America's favourite whole bean coffee was re-launched recently with exciting new variants catering to varied consumer tastes. Eight O'Clock Coffee's varieties cover a broad product range — light, medium and dark roast, and are available in various formats — ground, bean and K-Cups (pods). Eight O'Clock Coffee's varieties are grouped into 3 families — Beginnings, Explorations and Expressions, to make it easier for consumers to find their favourite, and to experience some new innovative flavours. ‘Beginnings’ are the original iconic blends, steeped in Eight O'Clock Coffee's 150-year old heritage and tradition. 'Explorations' bring origin-based coffee from the world’s finest coffee regions, such as the Columbian peaks and Central Highlights. 'Explorations' give life to diverse and inventive blends, rich with surprising flavours, such as French Vanilla, Chocolate Mint and Dark Chocolate Cherry.

Tetley Infusions

Tetley Infusions

Tetley Infusions in Australia is a range of fruit and herbal infusion flavours, with a twist. Each infusion has been carefully crafted to provide a tasty variation on a classic flavour — a squeeze of lemon, shavings of lemongrass, a twist of orange — delivering a deliciously intense aroma and flavour. The great taste and smell comes from the combination of natural ingredients and a pyramid infuser bag, which gives the infusion plenty of room to swirl and brew. The introduction of the pyramid bag ensures that Tetley in Australia is at the forefront of industry innovation. In addition, the key barrier for consumers that "infusions don't taste as good as they smell" has been resolved with the pyramid bag, as the tea has more room to move around and brew.

Tea and coffee pods

Tea and coffee pods

The expansion of coffee shops has helped drive consumer sophistication and preference for coffee, with consumers wanting to replicate the 'café' experience at home. The pods category capitalises on this trend and the need for convenience felt by consumers. Pods are driving growth in developed markets, thanks to their innovative format that provides a quick cup of coffee at the push of a button. Tata Global Beverages is leveraging this trend by partnering with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR) — a leader in single-serve brewing systems — for Eight O'Clock Coffee pods to be available through GMCR’s Keurig coffee machine. K-Cups are available in Eight O'Clock Coffee’s flavours, such as Dark Italian Roast and Ground Decaf Coffee.

Through an alliance with Kraft, we are also aiming to establish a meaningful presence in the growing single-serve tea pods' market to produce, market, and sell Tetley tea T-DISCs exclusively for the Tassimo on-demand beverage system in Canada. The Tetley Tassimo brand portfolio consists of favourites, such as Orange Pekoe and Green Tea, and seasonal innovations, such as Tetley Tassimo Peach and Iced Tea. Adding to the eclectic line-up, Tetley in Canada added 3 new flavours in Tassimo T-Discs last year, namely Chai Latte, Peppermint and Dream Chamomile-Lemon.

Map Coffee, the latest entrant to the Tata Global Beverages family, also produces a range of the highest quality coffee capsules and home appliances for the Australian market, using the most advanced systems and technologies available in the world market. Map Coffee distributes these capsules and capsule machines through many leading retailers in Asia Pacific as well.

Map Coffee's capsule system is quite distinctive. It provides a better capsule system called Caffitaly, which is a double-filtered capsule. There is also more coffee in every pod, making for a barista-sized coffee shot.

tetley with vitamin c

Tetley with Vitamin C

Tetley with Vitamin C, available in Poland, is an innovative and tasty tea proposition, with the additional benefit of Vitamin C. A unique offering in the premium fruit-flavoured segment, this black-based tea product contains additional ingredients that are a natural source of Vitamin C, such as lemon, honey, ginger, black chokeberry and elderberry, and are traditionally added to tea by consumers. One glass of Tetley tea with Vitamin C provides 15% of the recommended daily demand for Vitamin C, which contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system.

Tetley 100% Steamed Green Tea

Tetley 100% Steamed Green Tea

Research confirms that the key motivator for green tea consumption is health, and the key barrier is taste. Keeping this in mind, Tetley’s 100% Steamed Green Tea was launched in Australia, making it the only 100% Steamed Green Tea product there. In Australia, the word ‘steamed’ has a strong health as well as more delicate taste profile connotation, thereby addressing both the key barrier and driver for the segment. In addition to changing the taste profile and implied positioning of our green tea range, the packaging also broke category conventions. The tall, slender carton is very different from the standard square boxes, making it standout, while being highly space efficient. Also, the cut-out window allows consumers to see the product they are purchasing. Finally, the product uses pyramid infuser bags, which is a first in the green tea segment.

Tetley 100% Steamed Green Tea, available in Natural, Lemon, and Ginger, won the Tea Award at an independent Australian 'Product of the Year' award programme, as voted by thousands of tea lovers (16,277 people, as surveyed by Nielsen).

Tetley 100% Steamed Green Tea is also available in Canada in a tin format.