TGB at a glance

Our strategy

Tata Global Beverages aims to be the most admired natural beverages company in the world. We are a business with rich traditions and big ambitions. As a consolidated group, we are already the 2nd largest tea company in the world, and are on a journey to become the global leader in branded natural beverages.

Our Strategy
  • We have big ambitions

    We’re growing fast — focussing on ‘disruptive’ innovation that is changing the way consumers enjoy beverages — by growing our brands and investing in new and exciting opportunities to expand our business.

  • We have come a long way

    We have already come a long way — from a domestic Indian tea grower to becoming a global business — in less than 10 years. More than 90% of our current sales are from branded products.

  • Going global

    We are building a truly global business, corporate headquarters in Mumbai, a single executive office to co-ordinate our key functions, and 2 Presidents running our consumer-facing businesses – India and International. We are working hard to build a shared company culture and align every one of our 2000+ branded business employees behind a clear strategy to deliver sustainable success.

Our strategy focusses on product innovation, building global brands, achieving success in new channels and more countries, along with greater efficiency.

We are focussed on building unique competencies, differentiated offerings, appealing brands, and significant scale in the 3 natural beverage categories of tea, coffee and water.

  • Brands

    We are going global, and are still loyal to our local identity. We are building key global brands, including Tetley and Tata Tea, along with exciting new regional brands that are innovative and respond to consumer needs in specific regions and geographies.

  • Products and ‘disruptive’ innovation

    We are challenging and changing the way customers think about our chosen beverages — tea, coffee and water — and how they enjoy them. We are committed to creating magical beverage moments for our consumers.

  • Sustainability

    Sustainability is an integral part of our mission. We have integrated sustainability into our strategy by identifying 5 core pillars: ethical sourcing, being water positive, reducing carbon footprint, community welfare and waste management.

  • Process

    Our new global information system helps us improve efficiency and share knowledge, today and in the future. We are building capability for our current needs and future ambitions.

  • Distribution

    We are moving into new markets and channels to become truly global.

  • People

    With a simplified global management system, unique culture and focussed ‘talent’ strategy, we are making Tata Global Beverages ‘the place to be’.