TGB at a glance

Our culture

Our culture is fundamental to our strategy. It encourages a sense of common purpose and pride in our Company.

Our culture is driven by our 5 core values that are guiding principles for the entire organization.

When conducting business around the world, these values serve as the framework for our growth plan. They guide not just our business decisions but also our behavior, to help us create sustainable growth for our stakeholders and the communities we operate in.

Accomplish with Agility

Accomplish with agility:

We recognize that agility is key to driving growth. We have a bias for action, seizing opportunities and responding to challenges proactively. We are committed to building an agile and responsive organization, supported by equally nimble processes. With detailed action plans, timelines and measures we are focused on delivery.

Consumer Centricity

Consumer centricity:

Our brands aren’t just products; they are promises we keep and experiences we deliver. With a structured approach we seek to develop valuable insights about what our consumers need – today, tomorrow and years later. For us, quality is foremost; we will not tolerate quality that falls short of promises and expectation. We are committed to building a strong ‘consumer first’ mindset, supported by rigorous consumer metrics. We will engage with our customers and build mutually beneficial business relationships.

Lead by innovation

Lead by innovation:

Our goal is to evolve brilliant products and services that meet future consumer needs. We recognize that this requires a spirit of innovation and stretch, and a mindset that keeps consumers at the center. We will continuously challenge status quo and seek alternative solutions, pursuing both global ‘new growth’ and strong ‘local’ innovations with equal zeal.

Collaborate to succeed

Collaborate to succeed:

We recognize that our ambitious goals can be realized only through cohesive team work. We encourage collaboration and gain commitment by involving the team in decision making by creating excitement around common goals. With an open mind, we are willing to change our ideas or perceptions based on new information or contrary evidence.

Doing good

Doing good:

We do the right thing for the environment and community around us, while inspiring and empowering others to do the same. We are fair and ethical with all our stakeholders. It is important for us to provide an approachable and caring work environment and a physical work place that is safe, healthy and clean.