Tetley gives water a refreshing twist with Tetley Cold Infusions

02 Aug, 2018

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After years of development Tetley is taking on the flavoured water market in the UK with the launch of Tetley Cold Infusions, an affordable range of fruit and herbal infusions developed specially to be brewed in cold water, whether in drink bottles, pitchers or as a long, cool drink.

The range includes four flavours: Raspberry & Cranberry; Passionfruit & Mango; Orange & Peach; and Mint, Lemon & Cucumber. Heat treated to be suitable and safe to be infused in cold water, each infusion contains premium grade ingredients with small pieces of real fruit, to deliver on taste, and with just 2Kcal per 100ml is free from caffeine, artificial flavours, sugar and sweeteners.

Two of its flavours, Raspberry & Cranberry and Orange and Peach are available as part of a Tetley Cold Infusion starter kit which includes 12 infuser bags and a bespoke 650ml reusable drinking bottle.  

Tetley’s reusable bottle is manufactured in the UK and incorporates a strainer to allow consumers to customise their drink further by adding extra fruit or ice if they wish.   

The arrival of Tetley Cold Infusions marks the emergence of a new category in the UK market and has the potential to attract millennials to the category.  Initially available in in supermarkets nationwide (Tesco, Asda, Morrisons), Tetley Cold Infusions will be located in the tea aisle. “As a strong brand this is where shoppers expect to find Tetley, but we are not competing with hot beverages, rather seeking to fill a gap in the flavoured water category that is currently not delivering on natural, no sugar drinks at an affordable price point,” says Sabrina Torrens, Senior Brand Manager for Tetley.    

2017 saw a major shift in the UK’s drinking habits with servings of cold drinks outselling servings of hot for the first time (Kantar Worldpanel). Sales of flavoured waters in supermarkets swelled by 33.5 million litres (Kantar Worldpanel Nov 2017) and with 32% of adults cutting down on alcohol consumption and growing awareness of the need to increase our intake of water and reduce consumption of sugary drinks, there is a positive launch environment for Tetley Cold Infusions.

“Shoppers are becoming more demanding of the products they buy and premium prices have to be matched with desired product benefits. As with any NPD, particularly one which requires a change in shopper mind set, pricing has to be realistic and we have worked to ensure that shoppers can get a great tasting drink with ease, for a fraction of the price of an equivalent ready to drink product,” adds Peter Dries Director of Customer and Shopper Marketing for Tetley.     

 “Success will come down to trial and recommendation, as we have seen with our Tetley Super Squash range, cold drinks from Tetley take shoppers by surprise, but on trial, repeat purchase is strong and a loyal shopper base is developing.”    

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