Himayalan Sparkling Launches Innovative Limited Edition Bottles with the ‘Sound of the Himalayas’

Himalayan Natural Mineral Water has a unique and fascinating story of its source which we have always endeavoured to tell our consumers. But to tell such a fascinating story merits an equally interesting innovation to reinforce the product story. While the Himalayan Sparkling bottle, with its visual treatment, brings alive the Himalayan source beautifully, to make it a multi-sensorial experience, a limited-edition bottle was created with a ‘sound cap’, designed to play the sound of wind from the upper reaches of the Himalayas when you twist open the cap!

This packaging innovation contextualizes the origin story of Himalayan and is an extension to the brand’s ‘Raw & Fine’ philosophy, which lies at the heart of how Himalayan water is sourced and bottled. Presented in a pyramid shaped case, exclusively designed for the 'Sound of Water' bottle, the packaging exudes freshness and pureness of the Himalayas, allowing consumers to traverse through the mighty snow-capped mountains while enjoying the taste of Himalayan Sparkling Himalayan sound cap packaging

Kuttiah K S, VP and Head of Marketing, NourishCo Beverages said, “We are extremely excited to introduce an unparalleled innovation that captures the sound of the wind from the upper reaches of the Himalayas in the bottle, thus creating an immersive and unique sensorial experience for our consumers, by transporting them imaginatively to the source of our water. This sound cap is a celebration of the rawness and fineness of Himalayan – two propositions that make Himalayan Sparkling a perfect accompaniment for fine dining experiences.”

The sound cap has a built-in chip that is triggered when the bottle is opened and silenced when the bottle is closed. The innovation features live sounds of whistling winds, melting mists, drop by drop percolation and rare rock surface liquid percussions, that were captured over 20 years using high altitude radio transmitters and underwater stream synthesizers, installed in the Himalayas. .

This idea took the team over two years to develop and was implemented through intensive collaboration with sound engineers, time lapse trackers and product design experts across the world. The R&D team at NourishCo has painstakingly ensured that the design and experience is elevated within the product environment.

To amplify the launch, a one-of-a-kind time travel film was developed capturing the journey of a drop of water traversing 20 years in the Himalayas. This film has been stitched together from thousands of high altitude soundscapes and waterscapes captured by Himalayan Sherpas, mountaineers, filmmakers and travel photographers. The visual design merges time lapse and hyper lapse waterscapes into an endless Himalayan soundscape stretching across 20 years, from the summit to the source.

The limited-edition bottles are being made available at select outlets in Mumbai and New Delhi.

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