Waste management


Tata Global Beverages is committed to optimise consumer packaging, make efficient use of resources, and reduce environmental impact, without compromising on product quality and safety. Sustainable packaging is fit-for-purpose, resource-efficient, made from low-impact materials, and reusable or recyclable at the end of its life.

We understand the challenges to sustainable packaging, because of market performance, cost considerations, consumer protection, environmental management, and a sustainable society.

We are collaborating with other stakeholders to find sustainable packaging solutions and mitigate and manage the packaging wastes in a holistic manner.

Zero waste to landfill

Waste is an inalienable truth of any production process. However, it can be efficiently managed, reduced and productively utilised by using simple and ingenuous methods. Across geographies, Tata Global Beverages units reduce, reuse and recycle waste. These initiatives range from converting biodegradable waste into compost, to using spent tea as a source of burning fuel, and recycling plastic as a packaging material. Tata Global Beverages is conscious of the wastes that are produced by way of its operations and usage of its products. Waste management is hence a key sustainability work stream for us. We, therefore, intend to take a holistic approach in managing and mitigating our wastes.

Our largest tea packeting factory at Eaglescliffe in the UK is zero waste to landfill.